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Valuation of collection

Of numerous companies, corporate foundations, or private individuals possess collections and owe know the authenticity and the value. Le Studiolo Paris suggests you bringing to a successful conclusion this mission by making:

  • Your expertises
  • Your inventories, estimations, evaluations
  • The management of your collection
  • The preservation of it

References: DANONE EAUX FRANCE, Dual Conseils Asset Management, Elesys, Getrim..

Formations and coaching

You are interested in the Art but you do not have the opportunity to evolve in this environment? You wish to acquire bases or to perfect in this domain? Your professional activities ask you for a punctual intervention requiring cultural or artistic knowledge?

LE STUDIOLO Paris proposes you formations or personalized, individual coaching or in group, in the form of:

  • Commented Visits - museums, exhibitions..
  • Conferences - within your company or in our premises.
  • Personalized Programs - on demand.

Please, contact us for more informations..

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