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" In the Renaissance, public museums did not exist. The big sponsors were often princes, as Medicis in Italy. Big art lovers, they had for habit to dedicate a whole room of their house dedicated to the art. Mural paintings, furnitures, precious objects, the foremost artists or in future decorated this particular room. It was a haven of peace, rest and convenient to the meditation. I liked this private notion of museum and this well-being in the evocation of this timeless place "

Who are you?


" I am an expert, member of La Chambre Syndicale de l'Estampe et du Tableau, Investment advisor and Manager of the Art Market. I created an agency specialized in cultural engineering arisen from the will to propose in the largest number of the services diversified in the field of the art. The team of Studiolo is constituted by recognized specialists: jurists, restorers of art, speakers "

Whom addresses The STUDIOLO?


" The STUDIOLO addresses all:

Often, persons bring us works to be evaluated, others look for works which are lacking in their collection, others buy for the first time when begin a collection. We allow them to acquire the good reflexes. Companies or private individuals confide us the expertise, the estimation and the evaluation of their collection. Precise, qualified inventories and making references are made. We want to insure the follow-up, the good organization and the preservation of these. "

Concretely that you do propose?


" Advise in the purchase:

We propose in each a personalized program, as he buys for the pleasure or to invest. In every case, the artworks is guaranteed and a certificate of authenticity is supplied. We are all eyes on the origin of the works. I am worried of making acquire works of high quality which in any case will be good investments. My associates and myself let us can look for desired pieces, but also show you galleries, auctions, the big lounges of art or artist studios to find " the dreamed work " .

Advise in the sale:

If you wish to sell a work or a collection, we take care of various stages and insure the research for an optimization for you.

Management and valuation of your collection:

  • Evaluate
  • Estimation
  • Evaluation
  • Preservation

A collection owes be managed well, constitute a coherent set and be well preserved to gain in value. We value a collection by taking into account the problem of each: the artworks and the antiques benefit from an advantageous tax system for all, but there are particular points for example for companies as regards the Contemporary Art.
Attention, the fields of application of the laws are very strict, our teams are specialized.

Formations: (individual or in group)

We propose menus for our customers:

  • Commented visits:
  • " Train the eye " by visiting exhibitions or big collections to acquire the fundamental, assist the big auctions and invest the big lounges of art to acquire the fundamental of the market.
  • Conferences:
  • Conferences within your company or in premises of Studiolo are proposed. "

What are the qualities of the STUDIOLO Paris?


" Excellence, Expertise, Efficiency, Personalization, Confidentiality. "

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